Sunday, May 18, 2014

It's a Love Story

I don't talk about my dating life on my blog because that is personal to me and I don't feel like the world needs to know. 
However, there is this one boy named Clayson who is about to break the rules.

-  -  -  -  -  HELLO  -  -  -  -  -

Once upon a time I met this boy named Clayson. It was not quite two years ago when he met my roommate at church and invited us for dinner. I went for the free meal and it was so good! That night, his apartment came to a game night that we had at our place. They were the life of the party and we were so excited to have them as new friends! ....Except that they weren't very good friends. Haha! We were friends at church and activities, but that was about it.

A few months later, I became better friends with Jana and Carlie who did a lot with Clayson's apartment  so our friendship grew a little.

Bon Fire - Clayson & Me, Tyler & Carlie, Abbi & Jared
Update: We all got married within a month of each other!

Labor Day, 2013 I moved to Oak Meadows with Carlie, Abbi and Ellen. I was so excited to live with those girls! Carlie and Abbi were both dating Clayson's roommates, Tyler and Jared. At a ward activity just before I moved in with them I remember talking to Clayson:

C:  So, your moving in with Carlie and Abbi.

A:  Yep!

C:  Well, since Jared is already dating Abbi, and Tyler is dating Carlie, I guess I have to date either you or Ellen.

A:  Well, I guess you better take Ellen!

C:  Ellen already has two or three guys though....

A: So, whats one more!?

Clayson doesn't remember this conversation, but I have a distinct memory of it and can even show you the exact place it happened. Probably because I thought I was hilarious  :)

-  -  -  -  -  Dating  -  -  -  -  -

Once I moved to Oak Meadows, our apartments were always together. We were all good friends, but Clayson was always nicer to me  :)  We moved from once-in-a-while-friends to every-day-friends.

One night in December, Clayson called and asked if I wanted to get 7-11 hot chocolate with him. I was a little confused, because he seemed to just mean me and not my whole apartment. Because I had been hearing all winter about how delicious 7-11 hot chocolate was, I accepted on the condition that we could wear our pajamas (I had already changed for the night and didn't want to get back in normal clothes) After hot chocolate, we came back to my apartment and played cards. I beat him 4 times in a row! It was shameful for him  :)  He left and I looked at my roommates and we all said "What just happened? That was weird."

After Christmas, Clayson really started moving and it kind of scared me. I have had several other friends try to date me and it just turns into a really awkward lets-just-be-friends conversation with mixed results after. I liked Clayson and really didn't want to hurt him, or cause awkwardness between us or his apartment. I told my roommates, "We can go out once a month. I just can't do more than that." But Clayson had other ideas....

Me overreacting to getting flowers and Clayson feeling awkward and wondering what he just got himself into

He knew that I had never been given flowers before, so he decided to get them for me. It wasn't a big deal to him, he just thought it would be nice. Let me tell you, it was a BIG deal. I screamed and hugged him and even came close to tears. I had no idea I would act like that, and it was slightly embarrassing (but only slightly, because I was way more excited than anything) Those flowers bumped him from once a month to "Maybe I can do every 2 weeks." I even told him to "give me some time." I guess our definition of "time" is a little bit different though.

The next weekend we went rollerblading. I was getting nervous of the dreaded lets-be-friends talk, but then he made friends with a little boy. This kid loved Clayson and sought him out multiple times throughout the night challenging him to races and doing obstacle courses with us. It was cute, and he made it to "Ok, I guess once a week is good."

Then there was a snow storm. I hate the cold and I was dreading having to scrape my car windows. But, when I went out to my car at 7:40am they were perfectly scraped already. I had to give this boy an honest chance!

February 14th at 12:07(ish)am Clayson kissed me. In case you didn't know, February 14th is Valentines Day. Then he ran home and his legs were literally shaking. I went back and told Jana "I'm pretty sure Clayson just kissed me!" I was in shock.

really bad picture of me, but it shows the flowers

He was so understanding to share Valentines Day with Jana, Whitney and John. Then, he brought me flowers at work. He also made me flowers out of clay (I still had the first flowers he gave me and they were literally starting to mold. This made the separation easier) and promised we would decorate the vase together another night (that was so much fun!) Last, he got Jana her favorite Cran-Raspberry juice. I came so close to crying. (I really did shed a few tears the first 4 or 5 times Clayson and Jana drank their juice together. Yes, I am ridiculous.) I was sold.

Side Note: Remember how I used to be the girl with no tear ducts? Well, now I definitely have them. But only for ridiculous reasons like getting flowers, drinking juice, small children, and when people are nice to me. Maybe one day I'll get normal tears. Maybe....

-  -  -  -  -  DTR  -  -  -  -  -

Dating was actually really natural and everything came really easy.... As long as we didn't talk about it. I was ok with everything, but I couldn't face having a DTR (Determine/Define/Destroy The Relationship). Sometimes Clayson would try to bring it up and I was always super mature and would say something like, "Yeah, it's weird.... Hey, look how pretty that sunset is!" I did not want to face it.

Clayson, Jana, Me

Then one night we went to institute. We had literally been there no more than 5 minutes when the Institute teacher suddenly turned on us and asked if we were dating (which we had never discussed because I refused) So, in front of the whole class, the teacher quizzed poor Clayson up and down about our relationship. I was a deer in the headlights. Finally he asked "Do you care about her?" Clayson responded "Apparently." The teacher shouted "Apparently is the Devils word!" and wrote it in big letters on the chalk board. (Yeah, we're still not sure what that means....) At any rate, he finally moved on and we thought we were safe, but just before class ended he suddenly turned to Clayson again pointing at me and shouted "Do you love her?" Talk about shock! Clayson was the most red I have ever seen him. Jana and Abbi were laughing hysterically through the whole thing. I'm pretty sure it was the best day of Jana's life. Classic.

To this day, I think that is the closest we have ever come to a DTR 

And that was the end of institute  :)

-  -  -  -  -  Engagement  -  -  -  -  -

After helping me buy a car, going to my grandmas funeral with me, endless talk about job offers, being horrified about moving to Chicago, and so many walks to 7-11 hot chocolate that the workers should know our names and what toppers we like.... it was pretty apparent that we were getting married.

My birthday was May 7th. Clayson started the night out by giving me my birthday present. We have been reading the scriptures together for the past few months. My scriptures are from my 8th birthday, so they are pretty beat up, to say the least. Clayson gave me a new pair of scriptures that I love!

Next, he took me on a rewind date where we redid some of our first/most significant dates. We started at the Fun Park to play arcade games and rollerskating.

Then, we went to Olive Garden for dinner. Every time we go out to eat Clayson rolls the straw up so I can flick it and theoretically pop the straw (like this). The first time I ever tried this, I popped it my first time trying (this is what made Clayson know he had to date me), but I have never been successful since. In fact, I fail miserably. This night was special though, and I popped the straw! Not only did it pop, but I split it in half! I was so proud and Clayson knew he had to marry me (I told him I only pop the straw when it matters)

on the Boneville Trail

After dinner, we went on a walk on the Boneville Trail. At one point on the path, there is a little trail that goes off into a grouping of trees with a picnic table. On the table he had placed flowers similar to the ones he had given to me when I freaked out. Then he led me up a small hill. He got down on his knee and proposed. I said yes and fireworks went off. (Yes, they were real. His roommates were hiding a little higher up from us)

It was perfect.

the flowers he gave me

I wish I could say I was surprised, but I honestly knew it was coming before he even knew! The response from others has either been "I knew it! I've been waiting for this call all day!" or "I didn't even know you were dating!" I promise, this is not a joke.

we're so cool

I'm getting married!


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