Thursday, September 24, 2015

Food Baby


Eating is a big deal around here. 
Enough that I feel like it needs it's own blog post, I guess.

We'll start with our absolute favorite meal: Ranch Chicken!

Ranch Chicken

It is so fast, easy and delicious! It's also very versatile with the sides, which is a big deal to Clayson. 
We often do ranch potatoes (as pictured), rice, or garlic roasted potatoes. Usually with a few sides of vegetables as well  :)


Once, I decided to get adventurous and made Calzones. 
They were pretty good, but I'm still a fan of regular homemade pizza.

"We don't ration bacon at our house."

Clayson went on a breakfast kick, and this was not unusual to see at all. 
Yes, we only have 2 people living at our house, and yes, that is all for us (mostly Clayson)


This is what our freezer looks like. 
That is all meat! (Along with some delicious homemade jam and corn.)

Olive Garden

And this is our refrigerator. 
We discovered the Get One Take One deal at Olive Garden. 
This fed me all week!


This is our pantry.
We may have a slight cereal problem on our hands....
They were all on such good deals, though, and we couldn't pass it up!


11 weeks pregnant & 38 weeks pregnant 

When I took this picture in March, not many people knew I was pregnant. But those who did made sure to give me a hard time about being so big that I already had to start wearing Clayson's shirts.
Now, in September, I really am so big that I have to wear his shirts!

I have such wonderful friends and family who have thrown me baby showers!

The best part was just getting to see everyone!

My phone was dead for the family shower, so I don't have any pictures, but it was so fun as well!

Thank you to everyone who made these happen! It really meant a lot to me.

We are getting excited to meet our little one!
Less than a week left! The count-down is on!

and we still don't have a name....


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