Sunday, August 2, 2015

Making the Bed

Growing up, I never made my bed. I just didn't see the point. I was going to get back into bed again in a few hours, so why waste my time making it every morning when it would just get messed up again. Despite my moms attempts to help me understand the vast significance of making my bed, it made no sense to me and could not be justified, so I refused to do it.

my bed in college

Then I went to college and roomed with Krisann. She always made her bed. Even better, she would make my bed! But then I felt bad that she always had to make my bed for me, so I started doing it. And then I understood why anyone would ever want to make their bed every single morning. There is just something about it that starts your morning off right. Things are in order. It looks nice. I don't know, it's a mental thing, but I grew to love making my bed and I very rarely don't make my bed now.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Then I got married.

(The first minute of this is a joke about pillows on the bed. 
You can continue listening if you want, but it has no relation to this post.)

I had never seen Clayson's bed made neatly. His mom told me he has never made his bed and I shouldn't hold out hope. He shares the same feelings I had growing up of making the bed being a waste of time. Although I no longer agree with him, I fully understand where he is coming from, because it was once me as well.

Guess what?
Our bed is almost always made.

Guess what else?
More often, I am not the one making it.

And on those few occasions that it is not made, guess whose fault it is?

There was no big argument, or discussion, or agreement.
No big hoop-la about it at all. 

Clayson knows that I like the bed made, so he makes the bed 
(He also knows that if he doesn't do it, I will, and I'm usually already running late getting to work)

I know that every time he makes the bed, it is purely for me because he could care less about it.

This is the kind of person the he is.

Our unspoken agreement: When he makes the bed, he gets to arrange the pillows any way he wants.

Clayson's greatest pillow creation "The Backwards Bed"

We have been making the bed together for a whole year now! 
I am so blessed that he is mine forever  <3

Kylee Ann Photography

Because love is in the little things.... like making a bed.

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  1. I caught up on all your posts and it was fun to go back and look at your past year, especially since it's your one year anniversary. I love this post though for three reasons:
    1) the pillow arrangements are fascinating! How did you come up with so many ?
    2) it's so sweet that Clayson will make the bed just for you when it's not important for him. You got a great guy, Al!
    And most important 3) you have FINALLY come over to my side and understand the importance of making the bed. There is something so satisfying as a mother to be right after years of disagreeing. Validation is a beautiful thing!